3 Common Issues That Plague Diesel Injection Pumps

Good injection pump performance is vital to a healthy engine. An engine with prolonged fuel injection problems will deteriorate fast and eventually fail.

Fuel injection issues are some of the most pressing engine problems. It is always handy to understand how a fuel pump works, what can possibly go wrong with it and how to avoid those issues. Here are three of the most common diesel injection pump issues.

Clogged Injector Tips

Has your diesel engine developed the annoying habit of spluttering and stalling? A clogged injector tip could be your culprit. The impurities from dirty fuel are mostly responsible for clogging up injector pumps and fuel spray tips. It is common for residue like dust and debris to build up in the injection system over time. Remember, the cleaner your diesel fuel pump injector is, the lesser trouble it will cause you.

Worn Out Fuel Pump Bearings

Worn out fuel pump bearings can very quickly lead to diesel injection system failure. Fuel pump bearings need to be constantly lubricated by diesel in order to remain healthy. If the vehicle is constantly run with a low amount of fuel, the bearings will be pushing more air than fuel. This will cause the fuel pump bearings to wear out fast.

Defective Injector O-rings

Defective ball seats or o-rings disrupt the timing of the fuel transfer process. This is a very common problem in fuel injection pumps. If you have defective o-rings, you will probably require an injection pump overhaul or replacement.

Have you been the victim of worn out o-rings? Schedule an appointment with us for the best course of action. If you are able to do the rebuilding job yourself and are just looking for parts, we have all the parts you need available online.

Bad Fuel Filter

The function of the fuel filter is to prevent contaminants from reaching the fuel injectors. A faulty or worn out fuel filter can cause a whole chain of problems and multiple component failure in the fuel injection system. A clogged fuel filter can also stop the proper amount of diesel flow to your engine.

If you notice that the throttle response of your vehicle has dropped, it could be because of a bad fuel filter. Fuel filters are not easily accessible in modern diesel cars. However, they are not very expensive to replace.

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