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Electrical Actuators

linear actuators and cylinders in Emerald, Queensland

An actuator is a vital component in any car’s engine system as it receives input manually and causes the engine to engage or disengage. There are different types of actuators, including the popular and trusted electrical actuator – stocked by Emerald Diesel.

In a diesel engine, an actuator’s job is to convert the control unit’s signal into a mechanical control movement in order to regulate fuel intake, making it a crucial link between the governor and fuel-control input.

We believe in using only the best in the business, which is why we supply the highest quality actuators in Emerald to a long list of satisfied customers. Please don’t hesitate to ask us anything about electric linear actuators and cylinders and we’ll be happy to inform you as best we can, so that you know exactly what to buy and why. We’ll make sure you’re one of Queensland’s electric actuator experts!

Browse our options below, and if you need any help, dial us on (07) 4982 4919. If you’d like to first see a electric rod style actuator in person before purchasing one, visit our workshop at 12 Industrial Drive, Emerald, QLD.

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