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Bearing Supplier

Industrial Bearings in Emerald, Queensland

You might think that every bearing supplier is the same, but that’s not true. Some are more educated than others, and certainly better trained at installing engine components that will last a lifetime.

At Emerald Diesel, we pride ourselves in sourcing and supplying only the finest quality industrial bearings that produce maximum fatigue strength and can withstand the highest amount of cycling stress that occurs during combustion and inertia forces.

Furthermore, our selection of Queensland bearings & industrial supplies boasts incredible wear resistance, with the ability to maintain its dimensional stability despite the presence of abrasive foreign particles. And on top of this, they have excellent corrosion resistance – proving too strong for chemical attack or oxidised and impure lubricants.

Another aspect we take into account as a specialist Emerald bearing supplier is cavitation resistance – the ability of the bearing material to withstand impact stresses caused by collapsing cavitation bubbles, which form as a result of sharp and localised drops of pressure in the flowing lubricant. Once again, leave the mechanics up to us! We’re setting the standard as the best bearing distributors in Queensland.

You may require more information to feel comfortable and properly educated about the right components for your vehicle – that’s why we’re here! We can help with anything you want to know about bearings & industrial supplies in Emerald. Make contact with one of our technicians now.