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Dyno Tuning & Vehicle Diagnostics


Dynomometer Supplier in Emerald, Queensland

Dyno-testing is the ultimate machine to tune your vehicle for maximum performance and efficiency!

As diesel injection specialists, Emerald Diesel uses only the best in diesel dyno tuning technology. We have the privilege of owning Mainline Dynalog chassis dynamometers – the most sophisticated tools for dyno tuning and vehicle diagnostics that allow us to diagnose faults quickly and accurately, while carefully measuring power and torque output of a variety of diesel vehicles – yours included!

Our dyno tuning workshop in Emerald is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, offering testing on all diesel vehicles, together with our 5 Gas exhaust analyser that enables us to diagnose and tune your diesel motor.

During the process, we can:

  • Log and store the power and torque of your vehicle.
  • Simultaneously log turbo boost pressure, injection pump internal pressure, exhaust pressure, air-fuel ratio and duty cycle on a VNT turbocharger control unit.
  • More effectively identify an issue with your vehicle form the resulting information.

Want to know more about our expert vehicle diagnostics in Queensland? Speak to a friendly expert now by giving us a call on (07) 4982 4919, or send us a mail and we’ll contact you at your soonest convenience – proving why we’re Emerald’s favourite dynamometer supplier.

Dyno Testing